The Artful Ewe


Heidi Dascher, owner

Stepping into The Artful Ewe is like entering into a room filled with all your favorite comforts of home. Heidi Dascher has created a space in Port Gamble where warmth, colors, textures, and smells come together in her beautifully displayed fibers, ready to be transformed into unique works of art.


Heidi “tumbled down the magic rabbit hole into the world of knitting” at the age of 7, when her grandmother taught her how to knit. While her interests have expanded over the years into just about every role in the world of fiber arts, “knitting is in my heart, my soul. It is my connection to my past, to my Grandmother.”


When she isn’t at the shop, Heidi is at home, creating her own unique inventory of batts, felts, and skeins—winding, hand-dyeing, hand-painting, washing, drying, carding, and spinning. “I make up my own color recipes, like a painter’s palette. Some days, I feel like it is a color-dyeing day; others, a hand-painting day.”


The Cozy Corner in her shop adds to the feel-at-home ambiance. People are welcome to sit and spin, look through the shelves of books and publications, discuss techniques…and yes, knit. As Heidi says, “This is what it's all about—teaching, sharing and creating community.”


32180 Rainier Avenue Northeast, Port Gamble, WA 98364