The Artful Ewe

Wool and Fibers

The Artful Ewe focuses on natural, eco-friendly fibers and dyes, carefully selected and hand-colored by shop owner Heidi Dascher. Choose batts, skeins, and felt from our selection of protein fibers: mohair, cashmere, wool, bison, yak, camel, alpaca, angora, silk, and a variety of blends. Linen, flax, hemp, ramie, and cotton are presented in our plant fibers collection.


Step inside and become inspired by the warm, earthy textures and richness of color—from muted tones reminiscent of the pinks, corals, and golden hues of the Southwest, to the deep, vibrant jewel-tones of reds, purples, blues, and emerald-greens of the Northwest. Saturated solids or variegated, all unique through the nature of hand-dyeing and ready to spin, knit, or weave into your own unique design.


32180 Rainier Avenue Northeast, Port Gamble, WA 98364